When an international business intends to invest abroad, the legal structure in the country involved have to be effectively dealt with to achieve the best suitable organization that allows the business to be run efficiently both from the legal and tax viewpoint.

An interdisciplinary approach is taken at Studio Sfondrini so that, along with tax, financial and administrative matters, the legal aspects are considered from the very beginning. We assist our clients in their start-up phase by ensuring they adopt the most efficient and appropriate corporate structure that suits their business. During the life of the business its legal structure is constantly screened so that it grows efficiently. By working closely with a team of independent lawyers, each of whom specialized in their own field and used to dealing with international clients, Studio Sfondrini acts a project manager in coordinating legal professionals and delivering the final contracts to the clients.

In assisting Italian, UK and international entrepreneurs we endeavor to clarify any differences between business practice in Italy, the UK and their country of origin and also to support the client in overcoming such differences by relying on our constant advice.

Secretarial services are provided as part of continued services to multinational companies with business in Italy or the UK.

Legal and contract matters which are specifically dealt with are

• Set-up of branches and representative offices
• Incorporation of companies, partnerships and joint ventures
• Assistance in the adoption of Board of Directors’ or Shareholders’ resolutions and drafting of minutes
• Appointment of Directors and Proxy holders and granting of powers
• Provision of the registered office
• Filing of relevant forms with the Trade Register
• Maintaining of corporate registers
• Commercial contracts, such as supply agreements, agency and commissionaire agreements and distribution agreements, license
agreements, Cost Sharing Agreements and Service agreements, loan agreements, leases.
• Employment contracts
• Acquisition of commercial premises